Instant downloads

You'll get access to 200 prevention focused posts (from 4 packages) to share on social media! Because these are instant downloads, you won't be able to modify any of the elements, but you will be able to add your logo using a program like Canva. 

**Please note that organizations, dental corporations, and advertising agencies must purchase an industry package in order to re-distribute our designs throughout multiple clinics or for multiple clients .**

Posts are styled with neutral colours and you'll also get the text from each post to use as inspiration if you choose to create your own posts. 

Some of the messaging is similar between packages, but there are 200 different stock images and unique designs in total.

Topics include:

  • the oral system link
  • getting back on track
  • taking care of children’s teeth
  • overcoming dental shame
  • how diet affects oral health
  • teeth whitening
  • electric toothbrushes
  • choosing a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash
  • the benefits of drinking water
  • realistic goals
  • how much toothpaste to use
  • interdental tools
  • importance of regular exams and hygiene visits
  • AND MORE...

Have questions? Feel free to email me at or send a message through our online store.