For dental/health pros

Are you a dental or other healthcare professional interested in running a Facebook ad? We'd love to help! 

We'll tap into those creepy FB algorithms (you know the ones) and get your stuff in front of the people who *actually* want to buy from you or do business with you. 

If they've Googled something about your industry, looked to book an appointment online for a service you offer or had a dream about a product you sell, we will try to capture their attention. 

Most ads are set up incorrectly and are inefficient. We'll get you QUALITY leads for as low as $10 a day with our unique approach to Facebook ads!

Introductory pricing: 

$150 ad set up fee + your ad spend

Please contact me directly for more information!

I'll arrange a quick call to learn more about your business and whether or not your practice/service is in an area that doesn't directly compete with another of my clients (I don't run competing content against accounts). 

Click here to send me a message!

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